You left me breathless

I hear complains, “She does not keep in touch,”
She does not receive calls, I miss her very much.
I am a heartless bitch; I don’t care for your feelings,
You can get lost, go to hell, but I’m not listening.
Let that soft heart curse me with its grievance,
With your polished language and finesse;
I am the stone heart goddess, having a fling with the dark,
Your bruise may heal, but I have made the mark.
You ask why I am icy cold, devoid of love
Why do I look beneath, standing above?
Why do I lure you and then throw you away,
Why do I burn a hole and leave your boat at bay.
I can only pity your meaningless life, wasted on the sands of time
The waves move away, your tears remain while you whine.
Remember the day to crushed my hopes with your vagueness,
The day you left me fighting my battles, taking away my weapons.
The sword of love that could slice at despair,
The shell of warmth could burst sadness into a million flare.
But you took them all away, you left me breathless,
I died a thousand deaths, alone and without defense.
And then from the ashes of a flaming heart, rose a gelid alter;
A form that’s fenced and needs no shelter.
Call me a whore, a bitch, or just a plane Jane,
But for me you are a mere tainted saint.
You preach goodness, and speak of righteousness,
While your heart now bleeds and you wallow in your wretchedness.
You unfurled my innocence, and left me to die a lonely death so cold
You left me breathless and now I will excruciatingly seep out your soul.