Hungry Dreams

Sea mist collects on Casco Bay at Dawn in South Portland, Maine.

Hungry dreams in search of a new dawn

My dreams are hungry because the future looks bleak

My dreams are hungry, it’s starving and weak

My dreams are hungry, because I am scared to try

My emaciated dreams wait slowly to die

My dreams are hungry, I cannot see beyond the present truth

I see them collapse, pulled down by decaying roots

My dreams are hungry; they are frantically searching for food,

But my life is normal; I’m surviving through my womanhood.

My dreams are hungry; they are crawling towards light,

I know I need to feed them, if I am to win this fight.

A life without dreams is like a dawn without mist

Without them,  I will die, while just this body will exist.

My dreams are hungry, but their food is beyond this wall

I try to escape the prison, I begin to wiggle and crawl!

Pillars of tradition, begin to shake

My zone of familiarity begins to break.

I try to stand steady, but the ground beneath trembles,

My dreams gnaw at hope, while the tower of rules lies in shambles.

As we walk across the broken wall,

There is a buffet for my dreams and thought

There are steaks of color and rolls of hope

There is an entire spread of options and scope.

As my dreams feast and satiate their hunger,

With wide-open eyes, I become a dreamer.

My dreams give me the strength to carry on,

To make my life beautiful like the misty dawn.

For a comfort zone, I care no more;

I am embarking on a voyage, away from the safe shore.


Its not an easy task


To hold hands and cover endless miles is not an easy task,

To reveal your true face, and not hide behind a mask

Is not an easy task!

To love forever without faltering is not an easy task,

To wait patiently as long as your breathing lasts

Is not an easy task!

To care even when you have hit the low, is not an easy task,

To believe that there is still light, amid the dark

Is not an easy task!

To turn away from the warmth of an old flame is not an easy task,

To drown your dreams in the whirlpool of a passionate past

Is not an easy task!

To hold on to your spirits till the very end is not an easy task,

To keep your desperation bottled within the little cask

Is not an easy task!

But then you see that one familiar face, all feels fine,

When you find true love, there is beauty despite the dirt and grime

All feels fine!

When love becomes a real thing, all feels fine

Even in the darkest hour, you see the silver line

And all feels fine!

It’s not too late to harness the passion, till all feels fine

Just look into those eyes, hold the hand again and smile

And all will be fine!