Shots for an undying love

With a crystal drop from her eyes, her world came shattering down,

The smile that was promised to last a lifetime, disappeared into the dark crevices

Of betrayal, and lies.

Her veins will turn blue, with the pain that runs within

Her skin will grow pale and wither like a winter tree.

The flaming passions will never be the same,

It will always be a beautiful face masked with guilt and shame.

But the ugliness of a fierce force will drown with her

The sweet kiss shall forever taste bitter.

The sound of the night seared her heart

Null and void the words stand ‘Till death do us part’

His handsome face on the bosom of another woman,

Her fingers curl up tighter around the gun.

Another shot and the pretty head shifts

The heaving stops at the heart of the beasts.

Oh no, they are lovers and she is the beast

The light goes out seeping away the heat.

A memory, a ring, a bond of marriage

All’s lost, as she sits down amid the wreckage.

Revenge is sweet, she had heard once upon a time,

But her heart, her mind, sings another rhyme.

Alone she will walk the rest of the mile,

Just a tear, a cold heart, a corpse without a smile.


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