Tiny tales of loss


  1. She was in love with him; so she convinced his girlfriend to marry him.
  1. He spent his savings to go to his son in America; when he reached, the ornamented teak wood door said ‘To Let’
  1. He always enjoyed the deep conversations with her; so he visits the cemetery often.
  1. The mother always kept her child’s favorite chocolate at the door, just in case he returned
  1. She said ‘I love you’ while she held another man’s hand
  1. They were happily married till she saw his ‘lost’ ring on the young storekeeper’s finger
  1. He could only clap whenever his favorite football team won.
  1. When her mother accidentally burnt her doll’s face, she exclaimed “now we look like real sisters.”
  1. The little girl loved her mommy’s make-up box; she wouldn’t let it go when the police found the syringe and the drug hidden inside.
  1. As the little boy saw the doctor, he said “Give him bitter medicines and injections; maybe then daddy will breathe and talk to me”
  2. All her life she saved to buy dry wood, lots of ghee and a bright red saree; when her son burnt the pyre, he knew she had bought the stairway to heaven.

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