Shots for an undying love

With a crystal drop from her eyes, her world came shattering down,

The smile that was promised to last a lifetime, disappeared into the dark crevices

Of betrayal, and lies.

Her veins will turn blue, with the pain that runs within

Her skin will grow pale and wither like a winter tree.

The flaming passions will never be the same,

It will always be a beautiful face masked with guilt and shame.

But the ugliness of a fierce force will drown with her

The sweet kiss shall forever taste bitter.

The sound of the night seared her heart

Null and void the words stand ‘Till death do us part’

His handsome face on the bosom of another woman,

Her fingers curl up tighter around the gun.

Another shot and the pretty head shifts

The heaving stops at the heart of the beasts.

Oh no, they are lovers and she is the beast

The light goes out seeping away the heat.

A memory, a ring, a bond of marriage

All’s lost, as she sits down amid the wreckage.

Revenge is sweet, she had heard once upon a time,

But her heart, her mind, sings another rhyme.

Alone she will walk the rest of the mile,

Just a tear, a cold heart, a corpse without a smile.


A little imperfection in a perfect world


She had been searching all her life…searching for that one little curve of the lips that could bring her happiness; but had failed every time she came close to her mission. One real smile is all she desired. One little smile that was meant just for her. The warmth that was targeted only towards her. But the little girl failed again and again.

Her reflection in a shiny mirror just looked at her. It mocked her if she even made the slightest attempt to part her lips more than needed. She was perfect; a perfectly engineered human being with perfect genes. She would never fall ill. She would never have a creased fold on her face. Her nerves would never give up on her. Her enhanced brain functioning would contribute the already perfect world. She would not feel pain till the very end. Till her 100 years were up. And even after that, her body would be re-engineered to transform the lifeless form into another work of sheer perfection.

And she was not alone in this perfect world. Humans and nature had collaborated to bring the world (as we know it) to an end. Only the strongest, the fittest, the wisest, and the wealthiest were allowed to be a part of the new clan; a clean, violence-free, disease-free mechanical world. Here everything could be controlled with tiny buttons. When you wake up, how hungry you should be, how much you should eat, how much intercourse was essential for procreation, the oxygen level in your system, and so on.

The strong and the fit humans were redesigned, this time by their own species, to create the perfect human form. Not the ones vulnerable to germs and hurt. Their organs and systems worked like perfect clockwork. No ailments. No pain. These living idols of flawlessness did not fight for power. Did not kill for passion. They had no greed. No corruption in them. They were pure.

They did not feel love, they did not cry, they did not have butterflies in their stomachs, their hearts never skipped a beat. All was just perfect.

The wealth distribution system in the perfect world ensured that every mouth had just the right amount of nutrition. There was no imbalance in the food preparation. The perfect humans knew exactly how each nutrition pill tasted. The same. Always.

But just like in the old, disorganized, messy world, one saying was true for this new ideal world: Exceptions prove the rule. And the little girl was the exception. She was just like the others, but once, just once she had chanced upon a rough scribbling of a child where a woman was curving her lips into an expression that filled the girl with a feeling she had never experienced before. Probably this single sheet of an imperfect crumpled paper was the only thing that had not been destroyed during the human and nature collaboration. And so the little girl kept searching for the live demonstration of a real smile.

In another far corner of the perfect world, which now resembled a massive sterilized laboratory, sat a blunder. A major folly committed by the ever careful intelligent humans. They had made a mistake and allowed a defective new born into their perfect world and had let him grow to see the outcome. But now the imperfect boy with bad genes sat on a perfectly made wheel chair staring into absolute nothingness.

And then after years of perfection, on a perfect day in the perfect world, the girl strolled into the other corner of the world laboratory. She was so shocked at the sight of imperfection that she almost fell on it. Suddenly the imperfect boy held her hand to prevent her from falling down. And that’s when she saw it for the first time in her long perfect life: A smile; the curving of the lips to send a message only to her. Her body experienced transformations she never knew existed. That spot of blunder, that imperfect human was all she desired at that very moment.

They held hands for timeless moments, only to realize that they could not fit in anymore in this absolutely perfect world.

Tiny tales of loss


  1. She was in love with him; so she convinced his girlfriend to marry him.
  1. He spent his savings to go to his son in America; when he reached, the ornamented teak wood door said ‘To Let’
  1. He always enjoyed the deep conversations with her; so he visits the cemetery often.
  1. The mother always kept her child’s favorite chocolate at the door, just in case he returned
  1. She said ‘I love you’ while she held another man’s hand
  1. They were happily married till she saw his ‘lost’ ring on the young storekeeper’s finger
  1. He could only clap whenever his favorite football team won.
  1. When her mother accidentally burnt her doll’s face, she exclaimed “now we look like real sisters.”
  1. The little girl loved her mommy’s make-up box; she wouldn’t let it go when the police found the syringe and the drug hidden inside.
  1. As the little boy saw the doctor, he said “Give him bitter medicines and injections; maybe then daddy will breathe and talk to me”
  2. All her life she saved to buy dry wood, lots of ghee and a bright red saree; when her son burnt the pyre, he knew she had bought the stairway to heaven.