Soliloquy of an observant simpleton

There is so much that delights the heart,

So much that soothes the soul,

So many views to find peace,

So much warmth in the world so cold.

A light raindrop on a parched lip,

A little sun ray in cloud’s crevice

A short lived peck on a soft cheek,

An expert shot from a learning novice.

And then I see a little girl,

Her dress stained with dirt and grime,

A tattered book sheltered in thin arms,

The confidence as she rattles a rhyme.

Next I see a swarthy man,

Pushing the carts at a mighty store,

He works hard to earn a little,

Proud of the uniform he wore.

Lost in wonder, my wallet falls,

I lose a good sum of money;

Worried and anxious I feel low,

The means to go home, I don’t have any.

And then running through the rain,

An angel comes, drenched from cap to shoe

He hands me the wallet I had lost.

His uniform is white and blue.

And then I think of heart break tales,

Of killing, lies, and crimes,

And before my heart can sink to a low,

My soul hears the positive chimes.

There is so little than angers me,

And I get provoked to cry;

But it takes even lesser for me,

For my face to break into a smile.

Little things from everyday,

A treasure trove of happiness,

Little humanity from human beings,

A cure to all wretchedness.


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