Shine and Smile

That cackling laughter was so over the top;

But the people around could not make her stop.

Her spirit was her constant companion,

And they were there for each other a lot.

That crazy toothy giggling sometimes made no sense;

The laughter would seem misplaced, when times were tense.

But there was no stopping this one,

Every minute for her was glee and fun.

But was it really all that merry?

When you are a burden, and cannot see?

She was born blind, with troubles in her blood

She chose not to break, but get wings like a bird.

She laughed at the foolishness,

When people cried and made a mess.

Mamma cried coz her baby was dying

Dadda cried coz the dying baby was thine.

Others cried at her misery;

They looked at her and got teary.

But didn’t all who come have to go?

Then why was death causing so much sorrow?

She did not wish to waste a second’s time

Feeling sad, and giving pity a dime.

Life was now, right here with her

She was going to make it better.

The joy of smiles she wished to spread,

Even when she lay on her dying bed;

Remember me as a happy child,

Not someone sick, sad, and blind.

And then she took her last breath,

And life oozed out lapped up by death.

But a beautiful smile rested on her lips,

Like she was still there, with life in her grip.

Don’t cry coz my lil one lives on,

Like a star light, even when its gone.

The mother embraced her child one last time,

And whispered in her ears, I will live like you, with shine and smile.