The Mystery of it



He never promised to be there;
She never asked him to stay;
They knew when the time came,
Both would have to go their way.
He never promised commitment;
She never demanded any;
Then what was ‘it’, they had between?
Neither clue nor epiphany.

The glow of the night was saying something,
Some whisper she failed to hear;
The glow of the night was saying something,
The whisper he got them clear.
The moment struck, the lips met
Desires ran deep;
He held her close, she held her tear,
Coz it was no time to weep.

The morning light saw him smile,
Her face too caught the light;
His eyes shone with victory,
Her eyes shone all bright.
Adieu sweet soul, see you soon
Was what he said aloud…
It was a game, she let you win
That’s all it was about.

The tide of time washed it all,
The memories lingered on;
He laughed with her and she with him,
Like nothing had come nor gone.
But a part of him he had shared,
His feelings he had shown;
A part of her she had given,
Hers it was no more.

So what was it that he had shared?
The present, His soul or being?
What was it that she had given?
Her emotions and feeling?
The ‘it’ is still unknown to her;
She wants to cherish it still.
The ‘it’ is still elusive to him,
The blanks he has to fill.


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