Diazepam Dreams

Diazepam Dreams

With every snowy flake, lightly falling on my window sill;
With every gush of wind touching trees at the distant hill;
I dream of a dream I wish to chase, my mind is a cloud and all’s a haze.
The air is cold, and my blood’s still warm;
Like angry bees, my desires swarm.
The orb of the night whispers and says,
‘We will be together, till the dawn of the day.’
The silver shine of the heavenly moon, swoons me away;
Its borrowed glow is more real, than a thousand real ray.
I hear a solitary tune being played on a flute,
Does he sense my heart, or is he so astute?
I chance upon the coffee stain, the fight that led to it;
I fear of a fear I wish to fight, but lost and lonely I sit.
I envy you oh snow flake, you have a place to rest;
I envy you oh windy breeze, you can flow east or west.
I envy you oh night’s cold, the sun will warm your fate;
I envy you oh warm blood, you flow without the wait!
I need the strength you have oh Moon, to go on all alone;
I want the tune to soothe my soul, my mind and flesh and bone.
My eyelids droop, I see no more, the drug has cast its spell,
Loveless, painless, sleep comes over, my loneliness dispel!


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