Unusual benefits of walking

With the internet flooded with health related posts, all of us pretty much understand the health benefits of walking. The nautanki nari, however, looks at this activity from a different angle. Here are some unusual benefits of walking that may get the lazy bum get going! Remember while reading this…the ‘nautanki nari jokes seriously, and seriously jokes’…

  • For shy men, it is a great time for bird watching. I am not referring to ornithology here. For all those who are decent enough to not to stare or check out women publicly, you will be surprised to see a variety of “birds” during this time of the hour. Stop to catch you breath and look around. Behind some old grandpa, or a white round granny, you may see the colony’s hottie running towards you.


  • For the teenage student, going out for a walk is a great way to sneak out and have the first smoke of the day, especially when daddy dictator is at home and you cannot go out of the house later.
  • For the ideal mother in law, It is a great way to relieve yourself from all the troubles your daughter in law gives you, by talking to your peer group. After a round in the park sit on a bench and tell others about the atrocities of your bahu.
  • For the meek old man, walking will give you the perfect opportunity to remove the chain of rules imposed by others in the house and chat away to your heart’s glory with the local chai wala, sipping on sugary hot tea and munching on the bakery biscuits.


  • For the busy housewife, walking will help you get away from the humdrum of domestic life, even if it is for 30 minutes. You will get to interact with people other than the people at home. Who knows you may find a secret admirer who will make you feel less regular than your husband.
  • For the figure conscious, walking will make you feel less guilty for having that tiny scoop of your favorite ice cream or a thin piece of potato crisp during a party
  • For the fat girl who avoids social events, walking will help you feel active and help you  come up with sharp answer ideas next time someone discusses your figure!

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