Behavioural effects of inflation on the real aam admi

DhabaeatingThe nautanki nari is no economist to lecture you on the effects of inflation on the pocket of the Indian middle class. But being a critical observer here’s what I have to say about the behavioral changes in our well mannered, law abiding middle class.

Shashi, Mala, Pushpa, Geetha, Raviprasad, Suresh Kumar and all the other shy ones are no more shy when it comes to free food in office. Every one makes sure that they get their fair and (and little more if possible) when the office decides to sponsor lunch, dinner, or snacks.

Creepy Harinath aka Harry, jerk Mohanbabu, or flirty Guruprasad have changed. They no more offer lifts to the hot girls in office in their shiny bikes or washed cars. Even if they do, they are no more eager to take detours and drop stylish Anisha, or cool Rebecca at their doorsteps. Fuel prices are making our mavericks turn into stingy Dhaniklals.

Birthday dates are best kept hidden. Shy Gouriprasad cannot say no when friends ask for a birthday treat. So the best option is to lay low about the birthday. Clever Manya decides to take leave on her birthday lest she  has to distribute sweets among her friends. Chocolate boy Varun is sad because this year his desk is empty on his birthday. No gifts from the girls mooning over him at office. With rise in prices of milk and sugar “Kuch meetha ho jaye” is no more a very popular ad line.

With rising inflation no one wants to spend unnecessarily. People hardly refuse going to a function if they have already paid for the gift. Gagan finds Aruna vain. He finds excuses to not to go out for tea in a group in which Aruna is a part. And her gang of equally vain girlfriends – Mona, Tina, Shreya, Madhu, etc. But he has come in a shiny silver shirt and jazzy black pants to office. In the evening the entire team will go to Aruna’s wedding reception. Gagan contributed Rs 500 towards the team gift. He doesn’t want it to go in vain.

Madhobi lives far away from Kolkata and conveniently forgets to book train tickets for Durga Puja. She’s been married to Arindom last year. Going home will mean shelling away atleast ten grands on presents for family and in-laws. Who can afford such rituals at times like this?

Ronny decides to shift from levis jeans to khadi and extols the simple rural life. Tamanna takes the bait and they decide to go on a date on a highway dhaba instead of Mainland China and Cafe Coffee Day!

Ashwin remembers to buy the cinema tickets online, but forgets to carry his wallet. During the interval, Shweta is quick to say that she is dieting and does not want the combo tray!

no lift


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