Laws and Rules in India that are of no use

Not as harmful as cigarettes???A young Indian couple share a moment inno smokingDay in day out I see people following stupid rules just to escape unnecessary hassles and precious money in fines. Are these rules of any good for citizens? Do they make lives easier? Or are they just the government’s way to churn money for the national exchequer and fan the breeding of corruption? Here’s my take:

  • Smoking in front of cigarette shops: Really? How confused are the law makers here or how cunning. So you are saying people can buy cigarettes but they can’t smoke! Then what should they do with the it? Looks like it’s a two pronged policy to make money. Earn from tobacco taxes and from the already frustrated public at the same time. If you are really concerned about Indian citizens and their lungs, reduce the use of private transport and encourage using public transport. Catch vehicles emitting harmful smoke from faulty exhaust pipes and get them repaired. But no! That will be hard work. And one did not join politics for hard work…
  • Wearing helmets: Four people were caught in front of my lane entrance for not wearing helmet. Two of them had been to the next lane for a quick visit to the grocery store. Tell me something. How many bike accidents have occurred in your residential lanes? I’m sure that for most the count will be zero. And yet people are forced to wear this head gear to save the hundred bucks fine. Police stand in the shade of a tree drinking coconut water and waiting for that one poor chap to fall into their trap. According to me my safety is my headache. I can take care of my self. If you really care about the safety of citizens start effective patrolling and make people aware of easy to reach helpline numbers.
  • Law against PDA: What is the government’s headache if I choose to kiss or make out in public? Or are they jealous about the fact that with their lousy faces no one wants to do it to them? It is funny that it is absolutely normal to get your genitals out and urinate in plain view, but its a crime to sit in a park and cuddle a little (or a little more!) This is the most ridiculous law in a country that has scantily clad women in mammoth size bill boards; a country that welcomes a porn star into mainstream cinema; Boss, watching a guy shoot stinking uric acid is far more disgusting than watching a smooch.
  • Paying road tax: Have you seen the condition of the roads? Forget rural India, but even the city roads (surprisingly even in front of MP MLA’s grand palaces) seem to have had a massive small pox attack and left without treatment. Half the time accidents happen because of these potholes and no one takes any actions. In the name of laying water pipes and improving drainage systems, huge drilling machines rape the roads and leave it unattended. Well don’t worry, riders and drivers somehow figure out way to meander and find the diversions. But then why do we have to pay road tax? So that the Road Developent authorites and politicians and share the national fund and build palaces?
  • Income tax: We need to have sufficient income to pay the taxes. With the rising inflation, savings amount looks like pocket money. And yet the government has the audacity to ask citizens to pay income tax. The whole tax funda is so irrational and yet so much study and expertise have gone into developing it. So people with limited income need to have clean tax records (thanks to their employers). But people dealing and rejoicing in black money can save all they want for the next eight generations. Here we slog our ass off to afford that one house or car, but religious sires, politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats etc can flaunt and throw away millions in wedding that mostly end in divorces.
  • Traffic signals: The crossroad near my house was so peaceful till traffic signals were installed. The traffic pile up increased and I began to get late for office. Our Government is like a stereotypical step parent who chids and scolds the child just to remind itself that it has control over it. Otherwise it does not care about the child’s well being and future.

I am not a political science student, nor an expert on current affairs. But what I see regularly leaves me feeling indignation for our government and system. I don’t know about the election results, but still wish to hope for a less poorly governed country.


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