7 types of posts polluting my facebook wall

I am a Facebook socialite and I love reading and looking at other people’s lives through their posts and their photos. But some people tend to clutter my wall through stupid and annoying posts. Here is a list of 7 types of posts that are Facebook pollutants (of course I am talking about my wall).

  • Religious posts that say “Hit like or share if you are a believer” – What the hell. Why would I prove myself as someone by liking or sharing a post. Social networking is not some religious club. I don’t use it to further my religious beliefs. I have nothing against any religion, but my wall is not for any evangelist missions!
  • Long drawn anniversary posts– Women are pioneers in this. To show the world how cool their married life is, wives write long poetic verses singing their husband’s praises, telling the world the super expensive gadgets and accessories they gifted the wives, and then of course the anniversary wishes. I mean, get a life! We know your marriage sucks or will soon begin to suck because you don’t wish the person who lives with you, but make a show of it only. God help the husbands!
  • Sob stories and self pity- Had a breakup? Did not get tickets to go home? Some friend bitched about you? Your boss rejected your shitty work? Whatever be the reason, there is absolutely no reason to make Facebook your frustration outlet. People don’t want to know vague things like “I will slap the bitch”…It’s a different thing if you mention the name of course! Also some love to write dragging stories about how the world is victimizing the poor soul who is the epitome of righteousness. Yeah right! You are right and everyone else is wrong. Happy? Now stop writing stories so crappy.
  • Comparison of celebrities with soldiers– Posts like this goes “There will be thousand likes for a celebrity, but how many will like what our soldiers are doing? People, this is not a patriotism competition. You are the ones pasting film star photos as your profile picture. So stop this fake show of being patriotic and enjoy social networking instead of moral policing
  • Type this and that and see the magic– Utter bul****. Guys stop spamming my wall with ridiculous posts like this. I will not type a 7, or click on the red dot to see any magic. If you are interested in magic learn some real stuff and perform on stage. My wall is not for your stupid magic tricks.
  • Every detail update– This is the adverse effect of handy and portable internet devices. Every minute there’s an update on what one is doing like “at this mall”, the next message “Happy shopping” “At this cinema” next “watching this cinema”, “Going to office”, “heavy traffic” “reached office”…Guys not all your fb friends are your moms or wives. We do not want to know your daily schedule. If you are so obedient, keep messaging people about your progress every minute. DO NOT POLLUTE MY WALL.
  • Game requests– For the love of god, I do not play candy crush or bubble safari or any other Facebook Games. I use to connect with my friends. For me candy is a sweet and crush…well there are many! So stop crushing my wall with your game requests. I see 10 updates and open it excitedly to find 7 candy crush requests. Not happening!
  • Weird photos of ill and deformed people claiming to get a $ for every share – Well get this straight. Sharing posts does not earn anyone any money (unless its the owner of this site) So don’t feel all sad and charitable and pollute my wall with grotesque posts. I don’t want to see such a sad image when I open my Facebook for the first time in the day.

I started with 7 points in mind and stopped at eight (thanks to my colleague for correcting me) Actually now that I think of it I would write about 10 more points. But I won’t be so mean…after all some irritating posts are read by me with great interest. So I’ll stop here. You can add to the list if you please!Image


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